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New Student Pricing Options

Regular Pricing Options

Our pricing structure is set up so that if you are practicing three times per week or more you will save money by going with one of the unlimited yoga packages.  If you are practicing less than three times per week you will be better off purchasing a class card.

Unlimited Yoga

Class Cards

Additional Pricing Options

Six Months Unlimited $810

$135 per Month

Year Unlimited $1500

$125 per Month

Couples Autopay $270/Month

$135 per Month per Person

Couples Year Unlimited $2400

$100 per Month per Person

Couples packages can be shared only between immediate family members.  Class cards can also be shared between immediate family members.  Travel extensions are for a minimum of one week.

We also offer a work-study program if you would like to practice regularly but cannot afford to pay full price.  Work-study students trade a few hours per week of time spent cleaning the studio in exchange for a discounted monthly price.  Work-study students must first have at least completed the 30 day introductory special and practiced regularly during that time.  Please email us at info@bikrmayogamapleshade.com if you are interested.


High School Students/Under 18yo – 50% off yoga

Full Time College Students under 26yo – 25% off yoga

Active Duty Military ranks E6 and below – 50% off yoga


Mat Rental – $1  Towel Rental – $2  Big Water – $3  Small Water – $2

Yoga Mats, Yoga Towels, Water Bottles, and a large selection of Yoga Clothing for sale at the studio.

Discounts do not apply to promotional pricing to include the Introductory Specials.